Australian Science Schools Survey Results

By | July 20, 2017

Australian Science Schools Survey Results

Science is a discipline that promotes exploration and discovery. It unites logic and creativity by encouraging students to think out of the box and come up with new and unheard-of concepts that they can then endeavour to prove as fact based on evidence and rational judgment. Students interested in science can pursue specialisations in areas such as astrophysics, microbiology, and biochemistry.

The survey results for science indicate there are many universities which are performing well in each of the categories including a range of smaller universities which seem to be providing positive student experiences. An example of this is the University of the Sunshine Coast which has a positive response rate of well over 90% for the teaching quality category. In the category of skills development perception, Flinders University has a positive response rate reaching into the middle 90%, a similar level reached by La Trobe University for the quality of the educational experience. In the overall satisfaction category there is a number of universities which all seem to have performed quite well.

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Science Schools Student Survey Positive Response %
Monash University88.29283.395.4
La Trobe University92.794.194.594.1
Macquarie University88.191.88193.8
University of New England89.490.387.293.5
Australian National University90.591.785.793.3
University of Queensland88.693.583.791.6
University of Canberra8084.782.391.2
Edith Cowan University8088.98091.1
Southern Cross University88.990.985.290.9
Griffith University87.890.883.390.8
University of Adelaide88.291.286.990.8
University of New South Wales82.788.38390.6
University of Tasmania91.392.284.689.7
Charles Sturt University78.16978.188.1
Deakin University85.99487.388
Victoria University83.88880.288
University of Melbourne89.583.781.887.7
University of South Australia85.19073.187.5
University of Sydney84.787.178.987.4
University of Newcastle87.991.779.386.8
University of Technology Sydney82.787.280.986.5
James Cook University87.588.686.186.4
Federation University9086.286.786.2
Flinders University83.295.381.985.7
University of Western Australia89.38386.985.6
Curtin University81.98478.385.3
CQ University81.98478.385.3
University of Southern Queensland88.282.484.585.2
University of Wollongong93.193.99284.5
University of the Sunshine Coast94.688.98784.2
Charles Darwin University78.280.779.184.2
University of Western Sydney82.78879.583.3
RMIT University84.183.18782.8
Queensland University of Technology85.1878582.1
Swinburne University of Technology92.478.881.880.2
Murdoch University86.973.790.276.3
Bond University0000
Australian Catholic University0000
University of Notre Dame0000

Key & Notes

* Teach refers to the student perception of teaching quality and good teaching scale

* Skill refers to the the generic skills scale measuring student perceptions of skills development

* Exp refers to the quality of the educational experience

* Sat refers to the overall satisfaction rate

* 0 zero percentage means no response was returned from this university for this category