Times Higher Education Subject Rankings of Australian Universities

By | July 20, 2017

Times Higher Education Subject Rankings of Australian Universities

The subject area rankings published by Times Higher Education uses the same data that is used to compile the overall world rankings. The difference is that in this breakdown the results are subject specific, showing the relative ranking of a university for that specific subject area.

The six specific subject areas used are conglomerates of multiple related subjects brought together under one umbrella. The six subject conglomerates are Arts and Humanities, Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

These six subject areas are then evaluated according to 13 performance indicators which are grouped into the five areas with a weighting of:

* 30% Teaching: - the learning environment

* 30% Research: - volume, income and reputation

* 30% Citations: - research influence

* 7.5% International outlook: - staff, students and research

* 2.5% Industry income: - innovation

The top 100 from each six subject area are then presented in ranked order, with the following table showing Australian universities have performed creditably with between six and eight universities in five out of the six subject areas.

2015 THE Times Higher Education World University Subject Rankings
Subject Area: Arts and Humanities
1Australian National University75.216
2University of Sydney72.118
3University of Melbourne71.919
4Monash University55.644
5University of Queensland45.167
6Macquarie University45.167
7La Trobe University36.499
8University of New South Wales36.3100
Subject Area: Clinical Pre-Clinical and Health
1University of Melbourne81.513
2University of Sydney75.423
3University of Queensland65.842
4Monash University64.346
5University of New South Wales62.254
6University of Adelaide51.395
7University of Western Australia51.296
Subject Area: Engineering and Technology
1University of Melbourne62.837
2University of Queensland62.739
3University of Sydney60.446
4Monash University60.248
5University of New South Wales54.263
6University of South Australia51.569
Subject Area: Life Sciences
1University of Melbourne70.129
2University of Queensland69.431
3Australian National University68.633
4Monash University56.863
5University of Western Australia56.264
6University of Sydney55.865
7University of Adelaide5096
Subject Area: Physical Sciences
1Australian National University69.728
2University of Melbourne69.230
3University of Queensland52.787
Subject Area: Social Sciences
1University of Melbourne7619
2Australian National University70.424
3University of Sydney65.131
4University of Queensland62.435
5University of New South Wales58.446
6Monash University53.561
7University of Western Australia49.777

Source: Times Higher Education world university rankings system (opens in new window)