University of Malta Internships

University of Malta Internships

UoM Internships

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Not employment. Typically few weeks in duration. May also be part-time. Unpaid or paid an allowance below minimum wage. Simple tasks may be undertaken.

National Minimum Wage

AgeWhole-Time Weekly Rate​
18 years and over​€168.01
17 years​€161.23
Under 17 years​€158.39



​AgeWhole-Time Weekly Rate​
18 years and over​€169.76
17 years​€162.98
Under 17 years​€160.14

Part-Time Employees

The national minimum wage of part-time employees shall be calculated pro rata at the same hourly rate of a comparable whole-time employee in accordance with the relevant Wage Regulation Order (WRO). In cases where a WRO is not applicable, the pro rata is calculated using the weekly National Minimum Wage applicable for a comparable whole-time employee, divided by forty.

Where a WRO applies:

Weekly Minimum Wage of a comparable whole-time employee as per applicable WRO /
Weekly hours of work of a comparable whole-time employee as per applicable WRO

Where a WRO does NOT apply

Weekly National Minimum Wage applicable to a comparable whole-time employee  / 40


Sectoral Minimum Wages

The relevant minimum wage may be determined from the economic activity of the enterprise as stipulated in the applicable WRO. The DIER published a Resource Pack containing information on the applicable sectoral minimum wages and other entitlements. You can download your online copy of the Resource Pack by clicking HERE.
The  information  provided is intended for general information only, if you require further details under which sector your organisation is classified kindly contact the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations.

Your presence is on a voluntary basis.You may want to make use of the time sheet [DOC] to keep track of the time spent on the placement.

The host organisation must not make a commercial gain from the presence of the student.

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