America University of Malta Courses Offered

America University of Malta Courses Offered

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Accounting  


The BS in Accounting is intended initially for students who are pursuing an accounting career in an international firm that adopts/recognizes US-based accountancy qualifications. This program contains all necessary courses to prepare for the Uniform CPA exam as administered by the American Institute of CPAs. International candidates are allowed to sit for the Uniform CPA exam in a number of international locations. (Accredited by NCFHE)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


This flexible program is geared to the student who desires an overall conceptual foundation in business administration. Students majoring in Business Administration might be preparing for law school, entering into a family business, or some other specialized purpose. The program has sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of each of these career orientations. (Accredited by NCFHE)

Bachelor of Science in Game Development


The Bachelor of Science in Game Development is designed for students interested in game development programming at the highest level, including computer science and computer graphics professionals retooling for the game industry. (Accredited by NCFHE)

Graduate Degree Programs


The MBA program consists of 2 full years of work (4 semesters). Students will take four courses in each of the first three semesters, according to the schedule below. The fourth semester is entirely dedicated to the research project. No course is elective at this time.

Thesis/Final Project Time Extensions

Students who do not complete the thesis/final project after registering for full credits must register for the full thesis/final project credits the subsequent semester. All students must be registered in the semester in which they defend their thesis.

Note: A student must complete all degree requirements within five years from the time of initial enrollment into the program.

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