HandsOn Malta Historical Background

HandsOn Malta Historical Background

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Many of the students, when first walking into the school, aspire to become Film Directors, but they also leave with other important knowledge and filmmaking skill sets. We pride ourselves to be helping in creating, the new breed of Cinematographers.

Director of Studies

Relatively young, HandsOn Malta has been set up by Investors, Scholars and Cinematographers from around the world with the aim of helping upcoming Filmmakers understand the mechanics and language of the Film Industry.

The philosophy behind the school’s structure is to provide the students, with not only the education and HandsOn experience, but also with human resources, that is, contact with professionals and fellow students who together can exchange ideas and work on different productions. The opportunities given by the school are HandsOn education together with an amount of experience hours on set, giving the students the opportunity to both explore and understand the various skill sets required and available in the Film Industry.

This HandsOn methodology helps students understand the 3 production stages, other people’s jobs, roles & responsibilities on set, how to communicate and experience the workflow and most importantly, this helps the students understand & identify, the skill set most appropriate for them.

The HandsOn Malta School of Filmmakers, offers courses for students with filmmaking aims and encourages them to think and speak Cinematically, get into the habit of querying their assumptions and taking their instincts seriously towards better filmmaking.

We also encourage students to explore and develop their special strengths while they’re here and believe that, understanding the structures of filmmaking will allow them the freedom to be innovative, find employment and help enrich cinematic story telling.