HandsOn Malta Tuition Fee Payment

HandsOn Malta Tuition Fee Payment

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Short Courses & Workshops: Full payment on application.

Practical Filmmaking Courses: In order to guarantee your place, you will need to pay a deposit fee of 30% of the full course fee, whilst the rest of the balance to be settled on your first class. For non EU students or students requiring an EU Visa Entry, tuition fees must to be settled in advance.

EasiPayment Option: EU Applicants can benefit from our EasiPayment Scheme – For more details contact: admissions@handsonmalta.com

Payment Transaction
Payments and Deposit can be made via PayPal or by bank transfer (details on request and bank charges/exchange rate may be incurred). For local applicants, cheques, bank transfers and payment at the premises are accepted.
Non Refundable Consumables Fee (applicable only to Practical Filmmaking Courses)
A flat fee of Euro150 is incurred for every 4 stages of the programme to cover consumables and Administration fees. This is to be settled with the remaining balance of your tuition fees on your first class.
Refundable Security Fee (applicable only to Practical Filmmaking Courses)
A deposit fee of Euro500 is applicable to cover equipment loss, breakages and theft which are not otherwise covered by the standard school insurance. This will be refunded in full, if no accidents to the equipment is reported, at the end of your tuition program, excluding any bank charges that might have been incurred during the transactions.