List of Australian University Graduate Salaries

By | July 20, 2017

List of Australian University Graduate Salaries

The graduate starting salaries for Australian universities do not display a great deal of variation between each other apart from a few interesting examples. Starting salaries can to a certain extent be affected by the location of the graduate employment, with a large city such as Sydney or a city which has had low unemployment such as Perth generally expected to have higher starting salaries than a city such as Adelaide or Hobart.

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Graduate Starting Salaries $,000
University of Western Australia (uwa)65.856.557.459.4
CQ University (cqu)62.148.451.251.0
University of Melbourne (unimelb)60.251.551.550.1
University of Sydney (sydney)57.058.450.352.0
University of New South Wales (unsw)56.755.653.550.2
Australian National University (anu)
University of Adelaide (adelaide)52.857.052.769.8
University of Wollongong (uow)52.557.849.751.9
Flinders University (flinders)52.156.452.352.6
Monash University (monash)
University of Notre Dame (nd)51.459.154.10.0
Edith Cowan University (ecu)51.358.147.751.7
Bond University (bond)
University of Canberra (canberra)50.751.948.552.7
Charles Darwin University (cdu)50.457.154.248.4
Average (average)50.254.951.852.7
Federation University (feduni)49.757.350.949.1
Macquarie University (mq)49.753.452.349.8
University of Technology Sydney (uts)49.455.249.449.4
Australian Catholic University (acu)49.350.253.60.0
University of Southern Queensland (usq)48.956.553.248.9
University of New England (une)48.952.452.547.8
Queensland University of Technology (qut)48.450.849.052.2
La Trobe University (latrobe)48.453.947.945.2
Curtin University (curtin)48.354.046.751.1
RMIT University (rmit)48.354.647.751.8
University of Newcastle (newcastle)48.257.654.459.1
Southern Cross University (scu)48.057.453.050.0
University of Queensland (uq)47.856.552.248.3
Murdoch University (murdoch)47.760.155.046.0
Deakin University (deakin)47.553.048.948.9
Victoria University (vu)47.454.551.651.6
University of Western Sydney (uws)47.154.750.447.0
University of South Australia (unisa)46.855.651.946.7
Griffith University (griffith)44.751.748.853.9
Swinburne University of Technology (swinburne)44.657.052.948.6
University of Tasmania (utas)43.855.048.749.9
University of the Sunshine Coast (usc)42.253.551.650.9
Charles Sturt University (csu)41.952.253.750.9
James Cook University (jcu)41.853.151.067.6

Key & Notes

* Starting Salaries: – listed figures represent $,000 of starting salaries