List of Universities in Hobart Australia

List of Universities in Hobart Australia

he Hobart Universities sector is based on the single institution the University of Tasmania. The city of Hobart is the capital of the state of Tasmania which is Australia’s only island state. Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city and it has been able to retain the most charm and character out of all the Australian cities. This makes it a perfect place for study because students can experience the friendliness and warmth that is the pride of Australia.

Although it is the second oldest city in Australia, Hobart has managed to escape the developers and has thrived as the administration centre of a rich agricultural region with substantial business and industry operations. The Tasmanian state government control of the higher education sector has meant the Hobart universities resources have been channelled into Tasmania University. The benefit of this for the student is that the university can do what it does best, that is providing high quality research and study options over a range of areas, instead of being concerned about other issues.

If you are looking to select from universities in Hobart then the choice is made for you because Tasmania University is the only university in Hobart. This means you can just think about what it is you want to study, whether that be English, Law, Medicine, Business, IT, Tourism or Aquaculture, or whatever you have set your plans on doing. The main thing is that you know that if you study at the level of universities in Hobart you will be studying at one of Australia’s original universities and a university that still carries the prestige that it has had through the development of Australia.

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