List of Universities in Sydney Australia

List of Universities in Sydney Australia

Australian colleges and universities are well represented in Sydney, with students having a choice of a number of different types of learning institutions. Sydney Universities provide a quality education for all levels and areas of study, whether that be in a english language course or an MBA.

Learning never got more enjoyable than when you study in Sydney so check out each of the universities in Sydney and you will find one to match your academic needs.

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University of New South Wales [UNSW]· Home Page ·InternationalLibraryReviews
University of Sydney [SYDNEY]· Home Page ·InternationalLibraryReviews
University of Technology Sydney [UTS]· Home Page ·InternationalLibraryReviews

List of Courses Offered by Universities in Sydney / NSW Course Guide

 Administration Courses SydneyPostgraduate Administration Undergraduate Administration *
 Accounting Courses Sydney Postgraduate Accounting  Undergraduate Accounting
 Agriculture Courses Sydney Postgraduate Agriculture Undergraduate Agriculture
 Architecture Courses Sydney Postgraduate Architecture  Undergraduate Architecture
 Business Courses Sydney Postgraduate Business  Undergraduate Business
Commerce Courses Sydney Postgraduate Commerce Undergraduate Business
Computer Science Courses SydneyPostgraduate Computer Science Courses Undergraduate Computer Science Courses
 Environmental Studies Sydney Postgraduate Environmental Studies Undergraduate Environmental Studies
 Education & Training Courses Sydney Postgraduate Education & Training Undergraduate Education & Training
 Engineering Courses Sydney Postgraduate Engineering Courses Undergraduate Engineering Courses
 Finance Courses Sydney Postgraduate Finance Courses Undergraduate Finance Courses
 Health Sciences Courses Sydney Postgraduate Health Sciences Courses Undergraduate Health Sciences Courses
 Hospitality Courses Sydney Postgraduate Hospitality Courses Undergraduate Hospitality Courses
 Humanties / Social Sciences Sydney Postgraduate Humanties / Social Sciences Undergraduate Humanties / Social Sciences
 Indigenous Courses Sydney Postgraduate  Indigenous Courses Undergraduate Indigenous Courses
 Information Management Courses Sydney Postgraduate Information Management Courses Undergraduate Information Management Courses
 Journalism Courses Sydney Postgraduate Journalism Courses Undergraduate Journalism Courses
 Law Courses Sydney Postgraduate Law Courses Undergraduate Law Courses
 Library / Records Management Sydney Postgraduate  Library / Records Management Undergraduate  Library / Records Management
 Management Courses Sydney Postgraduate Management Courses Undergraduate Management Courses
 Marketing Courses Sydney Postgraduate Marketing Courses Undergraduate Marketing Courses
 Media & Communication Courses Sydney Postgraduate Media & Communication Courses Undergraduate Media & Communication Courses
 Midwifery Courses Sydney Postgraduate Midwifery Courses Undergraduate Midwifery Courses
 Nursing Courses Sydney Postgraduate Nursing Courses Undergraduate Nursing Courses
 Policing Courses Sydney Postgraduate Policing Courses Undergraduate Policing Courses
 Psychology Courses Sydney Postgraduate Psychology Courses Undergraduate Psychology Courses
 Religion & Theology Courses Sydney Postgraduate Religion & Theology Courses Undergraduate Religion & Theology Courses
 Social Work Courses Sydney Postgraduate Social Work Courses Undergraduate Social Work Courses
 Tourism Courses Sydney Postgraduate  Tourism Courses Undergraduate  Tourism Courses
 Welfare Courses Sydney Postgraduate Welfare Courses Undergraduate Welfare Courses