List of Universities in Victoria Australia

List of Universities in Victoria Australia

The state of Victoria is blessed with a wide variety of environments that extend from rugged coastlines, peaceful beaches, tree-covered mountains, and semi-arid plains. It has a fair, temperate climate that makes it suitable for year-round enjoyment of the many wonders that it offers. The state has a long history as a business, cultural and intellectual centre and the universities in Victoria have developed both supporting and being supported by these important components of society.

The Victorian universities sector is focused on the capital city Melbourne, but like business, industry and government there is also a major representation of universities in the regional cities. Some of the universities have multiple campuses so there is a choice about where the studies are done. Learning can take different forms including living and studying right in the centre of the capital city and enjoying the same high quality education within the relaxed atmosphere of a regional campus.

There is a wide range of choices when you decide to study at one of the Victorian universities. Take some time to explore the links and see what each of the universities in Victoria has to offer you.

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