Macquarie University (MQ) Rankings

By | July 21, 2017

Macquarie University (MQ) Rankings

Macquarie University (MQ) world rankings includes it being number =240 on the QS rankings number 251+ on Times (THE) number 201+ on ARWU number 267= with US News. This contributes to Macquarie being the number 9 ranked Australian university overall in the world ranking systems. Macquarie University rankings within Australia include being placed at number 8 on the ERA scale (2012) and being a 4 1/2 Star AEN rated university. Macquarie also has a student survey satisfaction rating of 77.4% for business 90.3% for health 91.4% for arts 93.8% for science.

MQ World Rankings


Macquarie University World Rankings
Macquarie Ranking Aus Rank World Rank
Overall 9
QS 12 =240
Times (THE) 11= 251+
AWRU 9-14 201+
US News 9 267=
CWUR 9 448
Times Asia / Pacific =13 =38


World Rankings Overview

Macquarie University is the number 9 ranked Australian university overall on the world university ranking systems

MQ QS World Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number =240 on the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world ranking system which is number 12 in Australia.

MQ THE Times World Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number 251+ on the Times Higher Education world university ranking system which is number 11= in Australia.

MQ Academic Rankings World Universities (ARWU) Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number 201+ on the ARWU world university ranking system which is number 9-14 in Australia.

MQ US News Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number 267= on the US News world university ranking system which is number 9 in Australia.

MQ CWUR Center for World University Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number 448 on the CWUR Center for World University Rankings system which is number 9 in Australia.

MQ Times Asia/Pacific Rankings

Macquarie is ranked at number =38 on the Times Asia/Pacific ranking system which is number =13 in Australia.

MQ Australian Rankings


Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) Ranking

Macquarie is ranked at number 8 on the domestic ERA ranking system (2012)

AEN 5 Star Ranking

Macquarie is rated a 4 1/2 Star university on the AEN 5 Star ranking system

Student Survey Positive Ratings

Macquarie University Student Survey Postive Ratings
Area Teach Skill Exp Sat
Business 80.7 80.4 75.9 77.4
Health 87.5 85 84.8 90.3
Arts 89.1 91.6 84.2 91.4
Science 88.1 91.8 81 93.8


* Teach refers to the student perception of teaching quality and good teaching scale

* Skill refers to the the generic skills scale measuring student perceptions of skills development

* Exp refers to the quality of the educational experience

* Sat refers to the overall satisfaction rate at Macquarie

Rankings Warning

University rankings generally focus on a number of variables which are not relevant to all students. Most of the ranking systems are heavily biased towards universities with research-intensive profiles and age-related reputations. However, many universities do not have a research focus and have not had the history to develop an age-related reputation. Instead these universities might focus on vocationally-oriented studies such as teaching, nursing and other health sciences, welfare studies, design, fashion, journalism and many other career-based studies. Interested parties should therefore be aware that ranking systems generally promote well-established more traditional universities and do not give much credit to universities, especially younger universities, which might be more focused on producing job-ready graduates for a diverse range of careers.


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