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MATSEC Past Papers

 Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate Past Papers

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Past examination papers as from May 2015 are now only available for purchase online. Candidates are to choose the level of examinations and follow the steps on each screen as instructed. Candidates can buy multiple past papers at a time. After purchase the user will be instructed to download the selected papers as PDF files. Major debit/credit cards are accepted.

The examination questions in all examination papers set by the MATSEC Examinations Board at Advanced Matriculation, Intermediate Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) levels are the property of the MATSEC Examination Board.

No question set by the MATSEC Examinations Board may be photocopied, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, recording or duplication in any information storage and retrieval system, without the permission from the Board.

The fees to be paid for the use of the papers are differentiated between personal and commercial use, provided that the MATSEC Examinations Board must always be duly acknowledged.

Personal Use
A nominal fee for download for private, personal and class room use must be paid.

The MATSEC Examinations Board reserves the right to refuse permission and/or impose the commercial use fees for persons who are misusing the personal use privilege.

Commercial Use
A separate fee structure applies for commercial use in publications including books intended to be sold and/or used for economic or commercial advantage.

The MATSEC Examinations Board reserves the right to amend this policy including the fees indicated therein at any time.

In case of queries please contact the MATSEC Support Unit.

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