MCAST Advanced Diploma in Fish Management

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Fish Management

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Course Code AG4-A3-16
MQF Level Level 4
Duration 2 years on apprenticeship
Awarding Body MCAST
Fees Standard First Aid Course
Entry Requirements MCAST Diploma in Fish Husbandry


MCAST Diploma in Animal Care


MCAST Diploma in Horticulture


MCAST Diploma in Applied Science


4 SEC/O-Level passes/SSC&P (Level 3) passes                Preferred: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English Language

Other Entry Requirements
Course Description This two-year full-time programme provides learners with an understanding of the horticultural industry including crop management of a wide range of crops; an introduction to garden design; floristry; pest and nutrient management, as well as studies in rural development and agricultural policies.

The course offers a wide perspective on the latest technologies used in the agricultural sector as well as its interconnectivity with entrepreneurship and business and the hospitality sector in relation to garden design and agri and ecotourism. Learners will be encouraged to relate theory to practice at all stages of learning through assignments, projects, practical work and work placements/apprenticeship schemes. Scheduled practical crop husbandry duties form an integral part of the curriculum.

Study/Course Delivery The course units will be assessed by a number of assignments which will entail the carrying out of crop husbandry tasks, site-visit reports, related projects and practical work at the institute and at various land-based industries.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Understand a number of scientific and technical aspects in the subject-areas chosen.

2. Understand the anatomy, physiology, behaviour and health issues related to plants.

3. Undertake work-related experience and practical work in the land-based sector.

4. Develop business ideas and carry out investigative projects in the land-based sector.

Core Study Units
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management in Agriculture
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Communication Skills for Employment
  • Health and Safety First Aid (3 credits)
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Processing: Cottage Industry and Fermentation
  • Food Supply Chain (3 credits)
  • Global Agriculture and Trade
  • Rural Sociology, Topography and Structures
  • Cut Flower Production and Flower Arrangement
  • Field Crop Planning and Production: Solanaceae, Cucurbits and Strawberries
  • Garden Design Principles
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Introduction to Fruticulture and Vegetable Production
  • Pest Management (9 credits)
  • Plant Biology and Genetics
  • Water Quality & Irrigation (3 credits)
Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Horticulture
Career Opportunities
  • Horticulture Inspector
  • Garden design assistant
  • Vegetable/fruit Grower
  • Rural development Operator