MCAST Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts
Course Code CA4-03-16
MQF Level Level 4
Duration 2 years full-time
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements MCAST Diploma in Performing Arts


MCAST Diploma in Art and Design


MCAST Diploma in Media


4 SEC/O-Level/SSC&P (Level 3) passes or equivalent

Other Entry Requirements Interview and audition
Course Description This two-year programme is an opportunity to form an understanding of various performing arts subjects at an advanced level.  Students will become familiar with fundamental principles and skills related to contemporary performing arts practice with a view to progressing to a higher-level course in one of the branches of the performing arts.

The first year of this course focuses on elemental principles in the performing arts.  Students will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competences related to music, theatre, dance, management, production, design and technical aspects of the performing arts in preparation for more independent and focused study at undergraduate level.

Following successful completion of their first year, learners will develop the aspects of Performance (Acting, Dance, Music)and of Performing Arts Management further.  This will allow them to gear up for progression to specific undergraduate programmes, leading to the formation of performing arts professionals, and to career opportunities.

Study/Course Delivery This programme is delivered over a series of practical workshops and theoretical lectures. Learners are often required to work in teams for the completion of their projects and assignments.
Assessment Assessment procedures are continuous, consisting of formative and summative methods. Thus ensuring the integral part of the learning process throughout the programme.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Develop skills in performing arts management

2. Develop design and technical skills linked to performance production

3. Develop skills in performance

4. Demonstrate critical awareness of the performing arts and the relationship between contemporary practice and historical, cultural, environmental and social influences.

Core Study Units
  • Arts & Cultural Management
  • Contextual Studies
  • Design Skills for Performance
  • Technical Skills for Performance
  • Performance Skills (Acting/Dance/Music)
  • Performance Production I
  • Internship I
  • Performance Production II
  • Events Management
Specialist Units
  • Acting (Principles of Performance)
  • Dance (Principles of Performance)
  • Music (Principles of Performance)
  • Musical Theatre (Principles of Performance)
  • Improvisation
  • Devising Performance Work
  • Rehearsing for Performance
  • Performing to a Camera
  • Performing to an Audience
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion
Career Opportunities
  • Assistant performing arts manager
  • Performer (acting, dance, music)