MCAST Award in Basic Office Skills

MCAST Award in Basic Office Skills

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MCAST Award in Basic Office Skills
Course Code BC1-02-14
MQF Level Level 1
Duration 1 year full-time
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements Finished Compulsory Education
Other Entry Requirements Initial Assessment Tests and/or Interview
Course Description This course is intended for students who wish to gain the necessary basic skills and competences to work in an office environment. Students need to have a genuine interest for employability in posts related to basic customer care and office work.

Students will become familiar with the appropriate communication skills required in formal and informal situations, while understanding the concept of boundaries that are required for office relations.

During this course, students will be prepared to face the challenges that one encounters within an office and will be given the necessary tools to deal with them effectively. Candidates will receive the necessary knowledge required to handle the various tasks belonging to office work diligently and safely. They will become familiar with the equipment present in such environments and learn how to use it appropriately. Candidates will also learn how to understand and follow rules and regulations and to identify potential hazards associated with office work.


Study/Course Delivery The delivery of the unit draws on a combination of teaching methods which tap on the different learning styles in order to target the different learning needs of the students.  The various methods used include teacher directed explanations and modelling followed by observations and simulated practical sessions for the students.
Assessment The assessment criteria are closely related to Learning Outcomes. Each criterion describes, specific aspects of a learning outcome to be assessed with more precision. Assessment criteria are grouped into three sets according to the three cognitive levels: Knowledge, Comprehension and Application
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Communicate effectively within and outside the place of work

2. Function effectively in an office environment

3. Face everyday challenges present at the place of work

4. Identify hazards that one might encounter in an office environment.

Core Study Units Vocational Unit 1: Preparing for Office Work

Vocational Unit 2: Basic Office Practice Skills

Key Skills:  Maltese, English, Maths, Information Technology and Personal Development

Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
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