MCAST Certificate in Vocational Skills

MCAST Certificate in Vocational Skills

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MCAST Certificate in Vocational Skills
Course Code PW-01-15G
MQF Level n/a
Duration 2 years full-time
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements Finished Compulsory Education
Other Entry Requirements Provision of documents including School Leaving Certificate, a recent psychological report (not older than 3 years) and school reports including last IEP

Tolerance to both class-based and community-based learning Commitment to prospective employment


Applicants are asked to sit for an interview


Course Description The Certificate in Vocational Skills is a structured programme of study that helps students with learning disabilities/ learning difficulties acquire the skills necessary to gain and maintain employment or to further their education. During the course students are required to participate in weekly supervised work placements both within the College and in different workplaces.


During the first term of the course you will have the opportunity to experience work in 3 vocational areas, namely Hospitality Studies, Office Skills and also Production and Retail Work. The course will then progress through the specialisation in one of the three areas.  Within the same area of specialisation you will focus on supplementary subjects of key skills or life skills.

Study/Course Delivery This programme of study leads to the achievement of key competencies in relation to vocational learning outcomes and also other outcomes pertaining to the acquisition of key skills and life skills.


The emphasis is on the teaching methodology where embedding has been selected as the main pedagogical model. Vocational Units are used as a vehicle for achieving the objective.

Assessment The course is assessed throughout the year using a variety of methods to suit individual student needs. The learning process is completed by providing learners with feedback that is both formative and/ or summative in nature.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Have a basic knowledge about the three vocational areas tourism, production / retail and office

2. Acquire more specialised skills in one of the three areas

3. Be prepared for independent living through development of key skills and life skills

4. Be trained for labour market inclusion and social integration

Core Study Units Key Skills:

  • Functional Maths
  • English Literacy
  • Maltese Literacy
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • ICT
  • Vocational Studies


Life Skills:

  • Citizenship
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Functional ICT
  • Vocational Studies
Specialist Units Vocational Unit 1- Tourism

Unit Title 1 : The basic structure of the tourism industry

Unit Title 2 : The basic structure of kitchen processes

Unit Title 3: The basic structure of service to guests

Unit Title 4: The basic stucture of housekeeping


Vocational Unit 2 -Production and Retail

Unit Title 1: Assembly

Unit Titlle 2: Laundry

Unit Title 3: Artisan craft production

Unit Title 4: Basic structures in retail


Vocational Unit 3 – Office

Unit Title 1: Basic structures in an office

Unit Title 2: Basic structures in warehousing

Unit Title 3: Basic structures in a library

Unit Title 4: Basic structures in a call centre


Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
  • First Aid
  • Fire Awareness
  • Food Handling


Optional Units
Progress After Completion
  • Direct Employment
  • Level 1 Foundation Courses
  • Level 1 Traineeship Award (Hospitality Studies); (Office Skill); (Production and Retail Work)
  • Business and Commerce Office Skills Course


Career Opportunities Hospitality Studies:

  • Waiter/ waitress
  • Kitchen hand
  • Housekeeping assistant


Office Skills:

  • Office assistant
  • Library assistant


Production and Retail Work:

  • Laundry worker
  • Factory hand
  • Artisan craft worker
  • Sales assistant