MCAST Diploma in Joinery and Furniture Making

MCAST Diploma in Joinery and Furniture Making

MCAST Diploma in Joinery and Furniture Making
Course Code CE3-A4-14
MQF Level Level 3
Duration 2 years on apprenticeship
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements MCAST Foundation Certificate or 2 SEC/O-Level/SSC&P (Level 3) passes A full “Secondary School Certificate and Profile” (SSC&P) at Level 2 will be accepted in lieu of one (1) O-Level pass.
Other Entry Requirements
Course Description
Study/Course Delivery This programme of study addresses the competences required as entry level to the Building and Construction Engineering sector. The achievement of the required underpinning knowledge and key skills will be accomplished through contextualising key skills and adopting a highly practical approach.
Assessment Assessment of the programme is an integral part of the learning process. Varied assessment methods are employed. The learning process is completed by providing students with feedback that is both formative and summative in nature.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Carry out a risk assessment of the surrounding working environment before and after executing an assigned task

2. Manufacture batched interim products out of solid wood and composite materials

3. Take off dimensions from drawings, nest and prepare cutting lists

4. Set out to assemble furniture products

Core Study Units Assistant carpenter Furniture installer
Specialist Units Occupational safety in the construction industry Technical drawings, calculating and setting out Woodwork materials and technology Joinery product /structures and alteration, repair and renovation Practical joinery skills Practical furniture skills Maltese English Mathematics Personal Development Information Technology Science
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion
Career Opportunities MCAST Advanced Diploma in Joinery, Furniture Design and Manufacturing

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Aviation Operations