MCAST Diploma in Printing

MCAST Diploma in Printing

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MCAST Diploma in Printing
Course Code AD3-A4-14
MQF Level Level 3
Duration 2 years on apprenticeship
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements MCAST Foundation Certificate


2 SEC/O-Level/SSC&P (Level 3) passes Preferred subjects: Art, or Art and Design, or Textiles and Design

A full “Secondary School Certificate and Profile” (SSC&P) at Level 2 will be accepted in lieu of one (1) O-Level pass.

Other Entry Requirements
Course Description This course aims to deliver both general as well as area-specific education and training. It provides  opportunities for direct employment in the trade. This qualification  enables students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life. Successful students may apply for the Journeyman’s Certificate at craft level.  Based on an apprenticeship scheme, students will harness theoretical knowledge at the Institute, backed up by practical training within the printing industry.
Study/Course Delivery This programme of study addresses the competences required as entry level to the Printing sector. The achievement of the required underpinning knowledge and key skills will be accomplished through contextualising key skills and adopting a highly practical approach.
Assessment Assessment of the programme is an integral part of the learning process. Varied assessment methods are employed. The learning process is completed by providing students with feedback that is both formative and summative in nature.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Understand printing fundamentals, production and finishing processes

2. Perform complex digital printing tasks in accordance with clear instructions

3. Understand the basic materials, processes and technologies in printing

4. Use computer applications, colour management and digital press technologies.

Core Study Units Unit 1: Health and Safety in the Printing Industry

Unit 2: Printing Materials, Technology and Processes

Unit 3: Information Technology in the Printing Industry

Unit 4: Colour Management

Unit 5: Binding and Finishing Processes

Unit 6: History of Printing

Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion
Career Opportunities