MCAST Foundation Certificate in Construction Engineering

MCAST Foundation Certificate in Construction Engineering

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MCAST Foundation Certificate in Construction Engineering
Course Code CE2-01-14
MQF Level Level 2
Duration 1 year full-time
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements Finished Compulsory Education


MCAST Introductory Certificate

Other Entry Requirements Initial Assessment Tests


Applicants with SEC/O-Level passes at Grades 6 or 7 in at least two subjects from Maltese, English Language and Mathematics or “Secondary School Certificate and Profile” (SSC&P) at Level 1 or 2 will be exempted from the Initial Assessment Tests and will start directly at Level 2.

Course Description This programme provides the student with an opportunity to get acquainted with the different

vocational trades related to construction engineering. The vocational practice component

is based on a ‘taster’ approach whereby the student will learn about the tools, materials, processes and applications relative to:

i) Welding and Fabrication

ii) Plumbing and  Electrical Installation

iii) Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

iv) Woodwork

v) Trowel trades, including Restoration, Stone Masonry and Tile Laying.

Additionally, Technical Drawing will complement the five vocational areas listed above.

Scientific underpinning principles, directly related to the vocational units, are also embedded within the programme.

Study/Course Delivery This programme of study leads to the achievement of key competencies. The emphasis is on the teaching methodology where embedding has been selected as the main pedagogical model. Vocational Units are used as a vehicle for achieving the objective.
Assessment Assessment of the programme is an integral part of the learning process. Varied assessment methods are employed. The learning process is completed by providing students with feedback that is both formative and summative in nature.
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the basic characteristics of wood, plumbing, welding, fabrication, refrigeration and air-conditioning, and trowel trades

2. Use basic hand tools effectively and safely to carry out specific practical tasks in a workshop environment

3. Apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme to develop a practical project, under supervision

4. Understand and use essential skills in mathematics, language communication, information technology and basic technical documentation to carry out simple assigned tasks and assessments responsibly

Core Study Units
  • Plumbing, Welding and Fabrication
  • Electrical and Air-Conditioning
  • Woodwork and technical drawing
  • Heritage, trowel and tile laying
  • Maltese
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Personal Development
  • Information Technology
  • Science
Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion Any MCAST course at MQF Level 3
Career Opportunities