MCAST Skills Kits

MCAST Skills Kits

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MCAST Skills Kits
Course Code FC1-01-16
MQF Level Level 1
Duration Duration depends on the number of Skills Kits students choose to take, with each Skills Kits being 20 hrs. The maximum number of Skills Kits that can be taken per year is 30.
Awarding Body MCAST
Entry Requirements Finished Compulsory Education
Other Entry Requirements Applicants might be asked to sit for an interview.
Course Description
Study/Course Delivery
Programme Learning Outcomes 1. Develop an understanding of themselves and others

2. Understand their environment and live in dignity

3. Act responsibly and independently in everyday life including at the place of work

4. Put skills learnt into practice to act creatively in their social and work environment.

Core Study Units
Specialist Units
Supplementary Units
Supporting Units
Optional Units
Progress After Completion
Career Opportunities