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The Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS) Office is entrusted with the implementation, maintenance  and support of an integrated management information system within the University of Malta.  The main objective is to provide management with an effective information tool on which business and operational decisions can be taken through the pooling of data flowing from integrated IT systems which communicate seamlessly with each other.

In view of the above, the AIMS system, which incorporates Financials, Procurement, Projects, Human Resources and Payroll, and Planner, has been interfaced with core IT systems such as the Student Information Management System(SIMS).  AIMS Office is in constant consultation with the above mentioned Administrative Offices with a view to design and build efficient system processes to respond to the University’s dynamic business environment.

To this end, the above mentioned Administrative Offices are now carrying out their day-to-day business operations on AIMS.  Moreover, access has also been provided to departmental users to use a range of functionality available on the system.  AIMS Office is therefore also engaged in providing training and support to all staff working on AIMS and acts as a link between our software provider and University staff to provide business solutions and cater for difficulties or queries which may arise from time to time.


Q1: UoM AIMS : I have not received an email from AIMS to notify me about my pending tasks. What do I do?

Q2: UoM AIMS : My requisition was rejected and I need to make amendments. How do I do it?

Q3: UoM AIMS : How do I raise a requisition for subsistence allowance through AIMS?

Q4: UoM AIMS : How do I remove a document which I uploaded by mistake?

Q5: UoM AIMS : I cannot open a .eml file document. How do I do it?

Q6: UoM AIMS : I have many items in my order but my vote does not have enough funds. Can I still proceed?

Q7: UoM AIMS : I have 1 item in my order but my vote does not have enough funds. Can I “split” the row?

Q8: UoM AIMS : I cannot add or view documents. What can I do?

Q9: UoM AIMS : I cannot save my requisition. What is the problem?

Q10: UoM AIMS : An error says “You are not authorised for…”. What should I do?

Q11: UoM AIMS : I cannot approve a requisition. It says: UoM AIMS : “You must select a row”. What should I do?

Q12: UoM AIMS : An error says “Illegal value entered”. What does this mean?

Q13: UoM AIMS : I cannot find my supplier? Who do I contact?

Q14: UoM AIMS : I cannot find a product: UoM AIMS : Who do I contact?

Q15: UoM AIMS : Whilst trying to check the status of a requisition through a workflow enquiry, the map does not show. What do I do?

Q16: UoM AIMS : My supplier is foreign and payment is requested in the local currency. Is this possible?

Q17: UoM AIMS : Can my order have different currencies?

Q18: UoM AIMS : My requisition takes long to load. What should I do?

Q19: UoM AIMS : How do I copy report data to Excel?

Q20: UoM AIMS : How do I book for less than a full day’s worth of leave?

Q21: UoM AIMS : What does “Access to menu ID is denied” mean and how to I get around it? 

Q22: UoM AIMS : I got a strange error while trying to perform Goods Receipting / Goods return. What does it mean?

Q23: UoM AIMS : How do I remove unwanted requisition lines?

Q24: UoM AIMS : Can I use a tablet or smartphone to view my payslip?

Q25: UoM AIMS : I booked for leave in summer but the screen shows 8 hours rather than 6. Why is this?

Q26: UoM AIMS : How do I modify/delete a leave transaction?

Q27: UoM AIMS : I suddenly can no longer access AIMS. What can I do?

Q28: UoM AIMS : Do I need to use AIMS for petty cash application purposes?

Q29: UoM AIMS : What is an asset and what do I need to do to raise a requisition for an asset?

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