University of Malta Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Courses

University of Malta Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Courses

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Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Courses

12.(1) General Entry Requirements. Subject to any other provision of these regulations, the general entry requirements are the following:

(a)the Matriculation Certificate, which is awarded to candidates who pass examinations in a range of subjects that includes a language, a humanistic, and a science subject, and Systems of Knowledge, as specified in the Matriculation Examination Regulations; and

(b)passes in the Secondary Education Certificate at grade 5 or better in Maltese, English Language and Mathematics, provided that if a pass in Maltese, and/or English Language, and/or Mathematics is obtained at Advanced or Intermediate Matriculation Level, a pass in such subjects in the Secondary Education Certificate Examination is not required.

(2)In the case of applicants who pursued their secondary education outside Malta, the University may consider and accept qualifications comparable to the qualifications stipulated in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) of paragraph (1) of this regulation, provided that the mix of subjects and levels of the qualifications presented are comparable to the subjects and levels required for the award of the Secondary Education Certificate and Matriculation Certificate.

(3)The Admissions Board may consider the acceptance of passes obtained in other examinations at corresponding levels and grades to the Matriculation Examination and the Secondary Education Certificate for the purpose of admittance.


(4)(a) Special Course Requirements. Regulations or bye-laws for a programme of study may specify other requirements in addition to the general entry requirements for admission to that Course. In particular, they may limit the choice of subjects that may be offered at Advanced and Intermediate Matriculation Levels and specify the grade to be obtained in such subjects, or specify alternative qualifications for admission which would be acceptable, in whole or in part, as qualifications of similar academic standard.

(b)Each Faculty shall determine the special course requirements for specific courses offered by it, as laid down in the Course bye-laws.

(c)An applicant who is a graduate of a university or has other qualifications considered to be sufficient may, on the advice of the Faculty Admissions Committee concerned, be exempted by the Admissions Board from any subject in which a pass is required for admission to a Course in that Faculty.

(5)Maltese as a Requirement. Further to the requirement of Maltese at Secondary Education Certificate level, the Admissions Board may, in special circumstances and subject to the conditions set out hereunder, allow an applicant to offer another subject instead of Maltese, as follows:

(a)a Maltese applicant who, for reasons of residence or education abroad over a significant period during the previous four years, has not received adequate teaching in Maltese, may be allowed to offer another language instead of Maltese, or, until September 2018, any other subject.

(b)a non-Maltese applicant may be allowed to offer instead of Maltese, another language as approved by the Admissions Board,

provided that, as from September 2018 such other language cannot be English and applicants whose mother tongue is English shall be required to offer a language other than English instead of Maltese.

(6)Notwithstanding that provided in paragraph (5) of this regulation, where Course regulations or bye-laws specify Maltese as a special Course requirement, the required pass in Maltese must be obtained at the level and grade as stipulated in the respective Course regulations or bye-laws.

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