University of Malta Degree Plus Tuition Fees

By | February 4, 2017

UoM Degree Plus Tuition Fees

University of Malta Degree Plus Tuition Fees

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The following fees are applicable to all students:

Degree Plus units are offered against a registration fee of €15 per unit with the exception of the following units for which the registration fee is €5 each:

DGP0601 Work with Student Organisations
DGP0991 Work Placements
DGP0828 Gym
DGP0903 Empowerment Course in Mental Health
DGP0001 Get Recognized/Other Activities
(Study-units offered by the Faculty of Arts and recognized by DegreePlus)
DGP0311 Proficiency in Arabic 1: Breakthrough
DGP0321 Français de base pour grands débutants: niveaux 1 et  2 ─ A1 (à suivre)
DGP0331 German A1.1 CEFR
DGP0341 Proficiency in Italian 1: beginner level A1
DGP0351 Spanish Language Ab Initio 1
DGP0312 (ARB1015): Proficiency in Arabic 2 – Breakthrough
DGP0322 (FRE1501): Comprehension et expression orales et ecrites – niveaux 1 et 2 – A1 (fin)
DGP0332 (GRM1032): German A1.2 CEFR
DGP0342 (ITL 1006): Proficiency in Italian 2 – elementary level A2
DGP0352 (SLA 1031): Spanish Language Ab Initio 2
No payment is applicable on Voluntary Work Registrations:
DGP0201 Voluntary work
DGP0205 Voluntary work summer
DGP0210 Voluntary work abroad
DGP0220 Reaching Out 1: Befriending and Befriended
DGP0221 Reaching Out 2: Befriending and Befriended
Payment can be effected at the University Maltapost Office and a copy of the receipt is to be submitted to the DegreePlus Office.

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