UoM Erasmus+ : Equity and Inclusion

UoM Erasmus+ : Equity and Inclusion

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‘A person with special needs is a potential participant whose individual physical, mental or health-related situation is such that his/her participation in the project / mobility Action would not be possible without extra financial support. Higher education institutions that have selected students and/or staff with special needs can apply for additional grant support to the National Agency in order to cover the supplementary costs for their participation in the mobility activities. For persons with special needs, the grant support may therefore be higher than the maximum individual grant amounts set out below.

Higher education institutions will describe on their website how students and staff with special needs can request such additional grant support.*

Extra funding for students and staff with special needs may be provided also from other sources at local, regional and/or national level.

As regards the accompanying persons for students and staff with special needs, they are entitled to receive a contribution based on real costs. Each higher education institution, by signing the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, commits to ensuring equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds. Therefore, students and staff with special needs can benefit from the support services that the receiving institution offers to its local students and staff.’

(Erasmus+ Programme Guide for 2016 Version 2 p.44).

* Selected students at the University of Malta may visit the International & EU Office  and submit backing documents as proof of their requirements and the expected expenses. Once all documents are collected the International & EU Office will submit a request to the European Union Programmes Unit (EUPA and National Agency for Malta) which will then decide whether supplementary funding may be awarded.

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