THE World University Reputation Rankings of Australian Universities

By | July 20, 2017

THE World University Reputation Rankings of Australian Universities

The Time Higher Education (THE) World University Reputation Rankings were developed to off-set the publication of the annual general world rankings. The element of ‘reputation’ has always been contained within the general world rankings and had actually been the target of criticism because of its subjective nature and the way it was influencing overall rankings. Times has somewhat obviated that criticism with the creation of the ‘Reputation Rankings’, a whole separate ranking system based solely on this feature.

The reputation within this scale is established through the polling of global academics to ascertain which universities they perceive to be the leading or notable universities within their field. The raw data of the survey is not available and the stated number of academics polled seems to vary from anywhere between 10,000 and 16,000 academics.

Australia has actually performed quite well in the ‘Reputation Rankings’ over the years although it has declined from a very strong early start when it had three universities, Melbourne, ANU, and Sydney, in the top 50. It now has four universities, Melbourne, ANU, Sydney, and UQ, which seem to be ensconced within the top 100 and another two, Monash and UNSW, currently on the edge and coming in and out.

Over the years Melbourne University has been the clear leader from Australia and the only Australian University to make a consistent appearance in the top 50.


THE Times Australian Universities World Reputation Rankings
University 2014 2015 2016
University of Melbourne 43 41 49=
Australian National University 61-70 51-60 61-70
University of Sydney 61-70 51-60 61-70
University of Queensland 81-90 81-90
Monash University 91-100
University of New South Wales 91-100

Source: Times Higher Education world university rankings system (opens in new window)